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Poor little rich girl, Gwen McNeil (Elizabeth Schwarzrock) is twenty-two, addicted to cocaine, and just out of her third stint in rehab. When she relapses yet again, her fed-up, hardhearted father, Eddie (Thomas Anthony Quinn) casts her out onto the harsh streets of Chicago, where she must live or die on her own. But while Gwen struggles to find food, shelter, and cocaine, Eddie wrestles with his awakening conscience, even shocking his own employees by extending leniency and compassion to a delinquent tenant in one of his low-rent, south-side apartments. Naomi Dawson (Toya Turner) is an attractive, African-American widow with a sick little girl, and although she is suspicious of Eddie’s generosity, her crushing poverty leaves her no choice but to accept it. Meanwhile, Gwen finds hope in the unexpected kindness of a mysterious stranger, Terry (Christopher Domig), a recovering alcoholic who appears in her darkest hour to guide her toward sobriety and the chance of a better life. But when Naomi finally demands that Eddie explain his kindness, and Terry’s deepening feelings for Gwen begin to overwhelm him, the two men reveal a shocking secret that could destroy the bonds of trust, and shatter the fragile hopes of all.

Director: Thomas Quinn
Production Company: Phenom Features, NFP