A Mind in Quicksand: Life with Huntington's

Project Status: 

Awards include: 

Best Documentary Feature - Illinois International Film Festival 2011

CINE Golden Eagle Award 2011 - Independent (non sponsored) Feature Documentary


A photographer and script supervisor in the film industry, Kim began to experience increasing difficulty with her memory, her emotional stability, her balance and coordination, all of which adversely affected her ability to work and maintain personal relationships. After visits with numerous neurologists and several months of medical testing, Kim had her diagnosis - Huntington’s disease – an incurable degenerative neurological disorder that is both mentally and physically devastating.

As Kim slowly came to terms with this new reality, she determined to learn as much as possible about her disease and its effects, and to produce a film about that journey. Initially Kim resolved to be only the investigator in the film, but was persuaded that the most powerful way to communicate was through sharing her personal experience.

Through the course of making this documentary film, Kim explores her family history, interviewing family members and asking questions about the father she lost to suicide a decade earlier. She speaks with doctors, researchers, fellow Huntington’s sufferers and also family members and caregivers. She bravely allows us a glimpse into her everyday life, in some of her most vulnerable and emotional moments.


Director: Kim Lile 
Producer: Sharon Zurek 
Executive Producer: Jessie V. Ewing 
Production Company: Black Cat Productions
The film is currently seeking funds for distribution, community engagement activities and the completion of the discussion guide.