Art Paul of Playboy: The Man Behind The Bunny

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In Progress

ART PAUL OF PLAYBOY: THE MAN BEHIND THE BUNNY chronicles Paul’s life and legacy as creator of the brand’s iconic bunny logo, and an unsung, iconic artist of our time. Paul’s thirty-year tenure at Playboy single-handedly changed the landscape of the two-dimensional magazine and revolutionized the relationship between art and publishing. Through conversations with Paul himself, archival footage and imagery, and interviews with artists, graphic designers, art directors, and former Playboy executives, ART PAUL OF PLAYBOY: THE MAN BEHIND THE BUNNY reveals the life and accomplishments of a legendary art director, acclaimed artist and inspiring human being.

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The feature-length debut from director Jennifer Hou Kwong, ART PAUL OF PLAYBOY is executive produced by Ellis Goodman and American Dream Pictures, and produced by Emmy Award-winner Jamie Ceasar. More information on the film is available here on the film's website

"Art Paul did for publishing what Warhol did for fine art: he blurred the line between what hangs in galleries and what appears in magazines.”
-Hugh Hefner, Playboy Magazine