Thank you for your interest in supporting Chicago Filmmakers big move to the firehouse by donating to our Capital Campaign! Chicago Filmmakers has been a champion for diversity in media arts in Chicago for more than 40 years. In a world filled with constant noise, we tell the stories of those who often get overlooked.

Now, we're taking the next exciting step in our organization's rich history. We have purchased a firehouse, which is now our new location and the headquarters for Reeling: The Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival and Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival. The firehouse is fittingly located in Edgewater, a neighborhood that prides itself on diversity and inclusiveness.

The firehouse renovation required major interior construction. With the support of those who have already donated, we have a beautiful screening room in the firetruck bay, a new meeting space, and expanded classrooms. But more needs to be done! You can help us continue to improve our new home: we still need tiered platforms and new seats for the theater; landscaping that will provide exciting shooting locations for our classes and a comfortable area for outdoor screenings; some new equipment and classroom furniture so we can continue to offer our diverse range of beginner, advanced, and youth classes; and more.

We're counting on you to help us FUEL the FIREHOUSE! You can start your legacy of support right now and receive a variety of exciting benefits, as well as naming opportunities throughout the entire historic landmark building.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to make a tribute gift on behalf of a friend or loved one, please contact our Marketing + Fundraising Manager at (773) 293-1447 or write to

Select a donor level below to view associated benefits.


STAR ($50,000+)


SUPPORTING ($5,000-$9,999)


CAMEO ($2,500-$4,999)

James Laukes

DAYPLAYER ($1,000-$2,499)

Andrew Maselli
Elizabeth Pinto
Richard Melman
Kevin Randall
Christopher Peppey

EXTRA ($500-$999)

Lois Kimmelman & David Hauptschein
Deborah Goodman
Beckie Stocchetti
Loren Winterhell
Todd S. Burbank & Elio Leturia
Brittany Alsot
Barry Aldridge
Pamela Sherrod Anderson
Nina Newhouser

CRITIC ($150-$499)

Nancy Watrous
Eric Freedman
May Tchao
Mary Morten
Andrea Capranico
Mary Lou Black
Thomas Pace
Gay E. Guthrey
Richard Knight, Jr.
Susan Katz Miller
Laura Kaufman
Ruffin Robinson & Bob Schwartz
David Simpson
Robert & Catherine Smith
Ines Sommer
Daniele Wilmouth
Patricia Fishman
Adele Friedman
Mary Ann Galanti
Angie Gomez
Eunice M. Hawkins
Pamela Hulvey
Lawrence Lundy
Cheryl Merchant
Eva Moreles
Denise Powers
Ann Schneider
Sheila Wolfe

  • Recognition on Chicago Filmmakers Website (at commensurate giving level)
  • Recognition on Capital Campaign Donor Wall in the firehouse lobby (at commensurate giving level)*
  • Chicago Filmmakers Dual Membership (1 Year)
  • 2 Complimentary Tickets to Firehouse Grand Opening Event
  • VIP Pass good for CF screenings for 1 Year*
  • Click to donate at this level!

  • All of the above, plus:
  • 2 additional Tickets for Firehouse Grand Opening Event (4 total)
  • VIP Pass good for CF screenings for 2 Years*
  • Click to donate at this level!

  • All of the above, plus:
  • VIP Pass good for all CF screenings for 3 Years**
  • 2 Tickets to Private Gourmet Dinner Celebration at Firehouse Prior to Public Opening
  • Click to donate at this level!

  • All of the above, plus:
  • VIP Pass good for all CF screenings for 5 years**
  • Recognition on screen before programs during the 1st year of Firehouse screenings
  • Naming Rights for Select Firehouse Location:
  • ○ Box Office
    • ○ Concession Stand
    • ADA-compliant Restrooms
    Click to donate at this level!

  • All of the above, plus:
  • VIP Pass good for all CF screenings for LIFE**
  • Naming Rights for Prime Firehouse Location:
    • Garden
    • Outdoor Screening “Theatre”
    • ADA-compliant Elevator
    • Vestibule
    • CF Administrative Office
    Click to donate at this level!

  • All of the above plus:
  • Use of the Firehouse for private event**
  • Naming Rights for Prominent Firehouse Location:
    • Downstairs Lobby
    • Theater
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