Edit II - The Art of Editing

Edit II - The Art of Editing

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Melissa Lawrenz
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180 min.

Every film is a puzzle that must be pieced together. A good editor will assemble a final piece that takes into account the continuity and fluidity of a film while giving it the necessary rhythm, structure, and pacing it deserves. There are countless choices an editor can make when piecing together a film but to truly understand the art of editing requires the same level of dedication and persistence any other art form might. This brand new course will uncover both the aesthetic and technical aspects of film editing. Students will learn how to use various techniques to shape story and performance, control POV, and create suspense, comedy, or drama. Students will utilize Premiere Pro to attain a smoother, refined, and more engaging edit all while developing an editing style to reflect their own creative side.

Suggested Prerequisite: Premiere Pro Editing: Introduction


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