Breaking Into Television & Web Series

Breaking Into Television & Web Series

Class Duration: 
4 hours

The second Golden Age of Television is upon us. WGA figures tell us just 1,799 writers made money from screenplays in 2016. More than twice that many made money from TV. Gross writer receipts for TV writers were almost triple that of screenwriters. In the Marvel Universe-era, many talented writers have fled to television with original ideas the Studios would never make today. The advent of streaming online platforms and exploding cable demand -- shows like Mr. Robot, Stranger Things, The Night Of, and Better Call Saul content-- prove there’s never been a better time to be writing for Television or Web Series.


The goal is for you to not just come away with a greater working knowledge of TV/Web Series, but to be able to “pour” your unique story into this popular framework, moving you toward creating your own Web Series, or selling your TV Pilot.

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