Aesthetics of Film

Aesthetics of Film

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A class for film buffs and filmmakers alike. Learn about the art and style of film in this formal exposure to the aesthetics of film. An introductory week will provide an overview, outline the history of film, and discuss concepts of film style in relation to narrative, acting, and theme. Each following class will offer an in-depth study on a different major aspect of the formal components of film (mise en scene, camera shots and movement, editing, cinematography, color, and sound) and will consider their interrelationships to culminate in a film as a work of art. We will watch various film excerpts in class and students will be encouraged to watch films outside of class that relate to the material covered. This course is designed for people with little or no previous films studies background, or for those interested in a refresher on the basics. This course runs for six weeks.  There is a 25 student enrollment limit. 

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6 Weeks

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