Fiscal Sponsorship Projects

Chicago Filmmakers provides fiscal sponsorship for select independent film or video makers who are soliciting funds from private foundations, government agencies, and individual donors for their noncommercial film or video project. The following projects are currently in progress and seeking financial support. Please donate to them if you can!

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  • A Mind in Quicksand: Life with Huntington's

    In Distribution

    The film is currently seeking funds for distribution, community engagement activities and the completion of the discussion guide.

    Awards include: 
    Best Documentary Feature - Illinois International Film Festival 2011

    CINE Golden Eagle Award 2011 - Independent (non sponsored) Feature Documentary

    Check out their website:


    A photographer and script supervisor in the film industry, Kim began to experience increasing difficulty with her memory, her emotional stability, her balance and coordination, all of which adversely affected her ability to work and maintain personal relationships. After visits with numerous neurologists and several months of medical testing, Kim had her diagnosis - Huntington’s disease – an incurable degenerative neurological disorder that is both mentally and physically devastating.

  • American Diner

    In Production

    Every year, there are fewer and fewer small-town diners in rural America. Yet there is an untapped reservoir of stories in those that remain. Many of these stories go unnoticed, because they are the stories of factory workers, carpenters, cooks and cleaners. Their stories are treated as no more than a report of daily life. But the daily life of such people is the daily life of America, and together their stories form America's story.


    Visit the American Diner Facebook page here.

  • American Dreaming

    In Development

    American Dreaming is a full-length documentary about American automotive styling from 1946 to 1973, a period when the American automobile served as a metaphor for the country's optimism and energy. The film includes iconic drawings and interviews with men and women who worked in automotive design studios and art curators, historians, and collectors. American Dreaming makes the compelling case that hand-drawn automotive designs are great works of art.

    Produced by Detroit artist Robert Edwards and former Detroiter Greg Salustro, the anticipated release date is summer 2015.


  • An American Home

    In Production


    Frank Lloyd Wright, the 20th Century’s most famous architect, redefined American Architecture when he designed the B. Harley Bradley House in Kankakee, Illinois. This single family home represents Wright’s first complete foray into the “Prairie Style.” Wright had toyed Prairie elements, but the Bradley House marked the first instance where these innovative concepts were combined into a single property. 

    The half-hour documentary film, An American Home, will concurrently tell the story of Frank Lloyd Wright, the brash, fast-talking architectural genius, and that of the Bradley House, which has weathered years of changes and neglect before complete restoration. Historians and design experts will speak to the legacy of Wright, the house, and the architectural movement that it began.

    Check out the film's Facebook page here.


  • Band of Sisters

    Project Complete


    Awards include: 

    Official Selection at the Athena Film Festival 2013
    Official Selection at the St. Louis International Film Festival

    10 weeks after their premiere screening at Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago, they have been to 40 cities and currently have bookings in dozens more. 

    Check out the website: 


    In the 1950’s Catholic nuns in the U.S. were obedient “daughters of the church.” They were separated from the world symbolically by their garb, spiritually by the church’s belief that religious life was a higher calling, and literally by archaic rules of enclosure. Ten years later, spurred on by the call of Vatican II to live among and for the world’s poor, U.S. nuns began a remarkable transformation. Abandoning their outmoded dress, the sisters adopted democratic styles of leadership. They found their ministry and mission among marginalized peoples, and joined in the civil rights, environmental, peace and women’s movements. 

  • Battle For Free Speech

    In Development

    How is it possible that in 21st century America, an individual can face up to six months in jail for speaking to his best friend of 50 years?  How did a well intentioned mission to rid the union of mobsters turn into a symbol of heavy-handed government interference and the trampling of constitutionally protected individual rights?  The issue of government overreach explored in this interview-driven one hour documentary is timely and cuts across the political spectrum from conservative libertarians to supporters of union rights. The mobsters who once had influence in key Teamster locals were removed almost a quarter century ago, but the ill advised "temporary" takeover initiated by then US Attorney Rudy Giuliani in 1988, remains in effect today -- with no end in sight.

  • Chester Gould - Creator of an American Icon

    In Development

    Chester Gould created one of the most recognizable icons in America--the comic strip detective--Dick Tracy. Gould came from modest means in rural Pawnee, Oklahoma. At the age of 21 he left his home with $50 in his pocket and went to Chicago to fulfill his dream of being a cartoonist for the influential Tribune newspaper syndicate. After 10 years of rejection he hit upon Dick Tracy and went on to sell millions of papers for the Tribune.

    Gould was known for his seemingly limitless parade of characters, especially his goulish villains. His graphic, noir art work and electrifying story lines were admired by numerous artists including Andy Warhol, Robert Crumb and nearly all the underground comix writers, as well as mainstream comic artists. Although sometimes criticized for the violence in his strip and his staunch law and order stand, his strip appealed to all ages and reflected American culture for nearly a half century.

  • Cicero in Winter

    Project Complete

    Charlie is seventy-five and has just lost his wife of forty years. Alone, anxiety-filled, he has isolated himself in his home. Even his children and grandchildren cannot seem to bring him back to his old self. A sudden heart issue causes Charlie to find some time to relax. Remembering his wife’s interest in reading, Charlie goes to the library where he finds a reading group that reads the great books. Through books like The Odyssey, The Divine Comedy, and Don Quixote, where he imagines himself in these stories, he rediscovers the importance of life and family.

    The film is written and directed by Richard Cohen and Produced by Three Color Films. Find out more at their website: Three Color Films

  • Czechs in Chicago

    In Production

    Czechs in Chicago will be a 90 minute documentary for Chicago PBS Television WTTW, about the history of the Czech people in Chicago, from their immigrant experience to the highlights of the community today.

    A progressive, innovative and spirited people, Czechs helped build and shape Chicago, and in turn, Chicago empowered them to help establish their homeland as a sovereign nation, Czechoslovakia. This film will chronicle the history of the Czechs as an ethnic group, featuring many personal stories of recent as well as earlier immigrants and their families, as they became a vital part of the city.

    Visit the project's website:

  • Deferred

    In Development

    What would you do if you were free from student loan debt? How is the debt of over $1 trillion obstructing our economy? 

    The average student loan balance for our country's 37 million borrowers is $26,600. 60 percent of freshmen take out student loans. They spend less than 30 hours a week on academics. A third of them don't graduate in four years. 17 percent default within three years of the first payment. Almost half take jobs that don't even require a degree. 

    Check out the website here

    make a donation! 






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