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Fictional Distance
(1952-1989, approx. 60 min., 16mm)
Guest Programmed by Erik Summerville!

Saturday, October 25, 2014 - 8:00pm
Location: Chicago Filmmakers - 5243 North Clark Street
Wednesday, October 29, 2014 - 6:30pm
Location: Columbia College Chicago - Hokin Hall | 623 S. Wabash, room 109

Whether it is done as a display of admiration, critical commentary, or satire mimesis has always been an integral part of the arts, and film—including animation—is certainly no exception. The following films represent a variety of artists’ attempts to, not emulate others in their own medium, but rather through animation channel the style of other mediums entirely, be it painting, dance, theatre, or a particular era or movement of art. BOCCIONI'S BIKE (1981, 8 minutes): an animation in the style of the Italian Futurists, by Skip Battaglia; Two Japanese wood block inspired shorts: Tony White’s homage to 19th Japanese artist Katsuhika Hokusai, HOKUSAI: A SKETCH DIARY (1978, 5.5 minutes), and THE BOY WHO DREW CATS (1988,4 minute); LAUTREC (1974, 6 minutes) —an attempt to bring the works of Toulousse-Lautrec to animated life; TRIANGLE (1989, 6 minutes): a reflection on Nazi persecution of gays during the holocaust through the style of German Expressionist painting; BROKEN-DOWN FILM (1985, 6 minutes): a nod to silent comedy, as well as an emulation of the wear and tear which occurs to film as a medium overtime; BEYOND KABUKI (1986, 10 minutes) —a stop motion interpretation of the titular style; CHAPTER 15 (1978, 7 minutes) —a mix of live-action and animation in tribute to sci-fi serials of the 30’s; and A PHANTASY (1952, 8 minutes): Norman McLaren’s ballet through abstract animation.





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2014 Chicago Digital Media Production Fund Grantees

Voqal Fund and Chicago Filmmakers are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2014 Chicago Digital Media Production Fund, which has awarded a total of $100,000 in grants to twelve Chicago digital media artists' projects in amounts ranging from $3,850 to $10,000.
The Chicago Digital Media Production Fund is a project of Voqal and is administered by Chicago Filmmakers. The goal of the fund is to support media arts projects intended for online distribution. Guidelines stipulated that digital media of any length or genre would be considered, but projects needed to promote progressive social change, be appropriate for youth, and be made available for viewing for free online in order to reach the widest possible audience. The fund was intended to support artists with varying levels of experience; both to recognize accomplished individuals, as well as to provide opportunities for emerging and younger artists. 

Awarded projects include: 

Battle Flag (working title) by Logan Jaffe // Block Zombies by Leon Kelsick // Drifting Toward the Crescent (working title) by Laura Stewart // For the Records by Anuradha Rana & Doris Rusch // Kentucky Fried High by Robert Carnilius // Muslimahs in the City by Fahima Mohamood // Natural Life, Interactive Online Archive by Tirtza Even // Sex Offender Laws Impact Youth by Jo Anne Smith // The Forum by Benjamin Jaffe // The Half-Life of War by Kyle Henry/Northwestern University // The Schools Project by Bob Hercules/Media Process Educational Films // Uptown, 2084 by Drew Dir/Manual Cinema

Click here for project synopsis and panelist bios.  

All projects are scheduled for completion and online viewing by May 15, 2015 

Applications for the 2015 grant will be accepted beginning in January 2015. 



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